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Have a look at the spark plugs ,  because they may spark but what if they spark yellow  (meaning its time to change it or the electrical system is weakening = eg. Coils & Caps as a married pair)
A bad cap makes a bad coil or vise versa that’s why we change them out anyways to better one. (can’t go wrong with NGK’s)

If it has IX Iridiums  ,  put them to the side and try “NEW” stock CR8E and go for a ride or LASER Plugs (like these)
The Hyosung 125cc twins don’t really like the “Blue Box IX Iridiums” that’s why henceforth.

If woes continue, take a picture of your plugs so we can see how dark your threads are and what colour is the center.

If we can sort the “Plugs , Coils,  Caps, ”  first , it becomes a lot easier to diagonose fuel system next   (if she is still in a mood)

Worst case senario ?  =  Compression Low  or Valves Too Tight  (can’t escape this , as it will need doing for all hyosungs , if the last owner did not do it)

Best case scenario ? =  Carb gets an ultra sonic clean  (no rattle cans) , has to be ultrasonic and or air compressor in the entire carb body as it has many holes,   change the ORINGS under the rubber intake pipes  (they cake with age, so we replace em , like these ones …)   and don’t play with mixtures ,  but do make sure float height is 7mm  (see this link and look for a picture of float height)   <– That thread is also a good read too 🙂

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