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North UK

Although I deal with sales of parts , with imports of them and what not in the trade and sell bikes (used that are are already registered) , but i don’t import bikes as that was licensed to MotoGB to do it initially.

Can you try give Startright Motorcycles Leeds a call and say Marcel sent you. I live not far from them and they are still an active hyosung dealer and the oldest Korean dealer since they also do SYM & Daelim bikes. They know the mess of registering a bike.  I bought a brand new spanish bike from them and it had to come from spain directly to them ,  and i saw it in a crate box ,  all that was left was to register it.

It didnt “NEED” MOT as it was a new bike, no MOT required for 3yrs (standard isnt it ?) = So why you had to get MOT on your new unridden bike is a surprise to me to say the least.

if MotoGB has details of your bike , and details of the contract with KR Motors (confirming that KR Motors sold it to them etc…)  = This proves the manufacture’s involvement , this would come with documents to say when the Koreans made it)

Ie.  Bike MFG’d = 2016 , Seoul Korea   // Exported 2016-5-5   // Recieved by MotoGB  2017-Jan // Local UK bike shop acquires it 2017-August & has been in shop floor since then.

That makes the shop either the 1st owner of it (if they pre-registered) before the 2019 (circa) euro 3 / euro 4 switch over

I know for a fact i am speaking to an owner on FB that has a brand new red 125cc 2022 plate  (Yes, 2022 plate!)

last year i saw on FB groups , 21 plates floating around , of these same Hyosungs.

Whatever hoops they went through, they were determined to get it done.   Despite  (after 2018/2019 bikes must be Injected with ABS/CBS which the 2016 bikes do not have)

I’ve not seen a Q-Plate GT125R , so i would be amazed either way its allowed on the road in whatever case.

Sorry for any gramar errors above , i was digressing!

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