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United Kingdom

Hi Dave sorry it’s a long reply  !!

I bought the bike at auction last march. It was listed as unregistered but came with a number plate. On checking I found that the number given to it was on the system, I contacted DVLA who confirmed it. The name of the bike shop was on the plate so I contacted them. They confirmed that they had sold the bike and sent all the paperwork off to DVLA.  They also gave me the phone number for MotoGB who imported and sold the bike to them. I called them and they confirmed that they imported it in Aug 2016 and sold it onto the bike shop in 2017.


I then filled in the 55/5v for 1st registration after speaking to DVLA again and asking what I need to do to get it registered. This 1st application ws rejected as the bike wasn’t mot’d so tried to get that done on the vin number. This was done sent everything back to DVLA who rejected it again saying it needed type approval. I booked it in with VOSA appt got cancelled 3 time’s due to illness and no staff (their end) managed to get this done. Sent all paperwork back to DVLA who again rejected it saying in need another mot because it hadn’t been type approved the 1st time  !! This was done again sent off again and rejected again as they want year of manufacture. That’s when I posted on here and Marcel replied saying where to find the date stamp and engine number. This was sent back they have rejected it again stating that they want a certificate stating year of manufacture. They have said if I can’t get this they will issue a Q plate. I have emailed hyosung (KR Motors) in Korea to see if they can help but not had a reply.