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North UK

I hope you remember where all the pipes went because i forgot to make a tutorial on how to do fuel diagrams for 650 , i must really get on it! Sorry.

The carbs would still could do with a nice clean up inside and outside, they look better than the rusty carbs found on other bikes left in gardens to rot , so you will have an easier time blasting it clean.

If in doubt, check the jet sizes on it too.    Also it is a shout that you could always give it fresh valve seats for the floats as they control how much fuel comes in before the floats shut em off ,  and fresh gaskets lessen the risks of fuel leaks , if the carb hasnt been touched for a while the gaskets may have been caked up a little bit.
(See the hyoriders shop)

The bike has a Vacuum Mikuni Pump near the yellow bar where fuel tank sits on.  It is not electric , but it rarely fails unless again , if its been a while you could always replace it.    If need be, i can send over another fuel pump from our running donor bike.

Since you live in AUS i understand if shipping times between UK and AUS are not something you want to wait for,  it is possible i may use faster logistics , but send me an email for any sales enquiries.

The spark plug looks to be the wrong type ,   i would get CR8E new ones from any local store that sells bike or auto parts.   Try them first.   Don’t bother with DENSO or the crappy Iridium IX plugs from NGK.       The 650 will be happy either with its stock CR8E or  LASER NGK plugs (See hyoriders shop)

Try CR8E first before upgrading the plugs.

The ignition coils that sit on the frame , need the area to be free from rust as they use the frame for “ground signal”  , the same way spark plugs use the engine + frame + battery negative as ground signal.

Sand off the rust till its shiny, then apply a thin layer of ACF-50   (No WD40 please, its a fire hazard!)  = ACF50 is every biker’s must have and it will not go on fire. In fact,  use it inside every single wiring harness connector on your bike  (that way wiring harness plugs in your bike won’t oxidize too much or rust away)

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