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Another trick, get your CALIPER pistons out, ultrasonic clean the body  and carefully refit the pistons back in with their seals  (caution that you may need new seals again) (Common Hyosung item to resolve when servicing brakes or if pistons have gone bad , which allows air to get in to system sometimes.)

Before you fit the pistons in fully, put them about 10% inside the caliper.

Now fill brake fluid in the master cylinder  (check washers are good for the hoses or may hiss or leak air, or fluid out)

Once the master cylinder is filled in.

Put brake pads inside the caliper.

Now press the pads so that they compress the caliper pistons down fully inside the caliper

The master cylinder should be hissing and bubbling up at the top, suggesting most air is leaving the brake system

Then as usual,  try to pump your brakes and bleed a little then pump your brakes , if it fails , it could actually be the piston itself not being suitable or strong enough.   it could then mean time for a master cylinder replacement

Keep us posted!

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