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North UK

Thanks Marcel. I’m so loathe to take the carbs off and do it as you said! I was thinking of a cone filter but there’s no clearance!

The problem with cone filters has been happening for years and was discussed in another hyosung forum  (but its shut down now which is a shame)  and also facebook hyosung groups and my own experience.

I’ve tried so many ways believe me, i really have and so has everyone else.   The Hyosung 125 twin forces you to keep the airbox system.   It will never be happy or run right if it has pods and it doesn’t help with carbs being upside down  (that’s the design and the nature of CV carb allows vertical rows of carbs to power multiple cylinders if space is an issue etc)

hence forward even this shop only sells “replacement” catridge filters to go on filter covers and customers still retain the airbox.

I feel your frustration haha.

It’s now all about “how meticulous” can you keep that intake pipe and carb from requiring frequent removals off the chassis 🤐

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