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In honesty  Laser Plugs or  CR8E are the best ones for the RC bikes (newer shape models)

The old gen 125R are a little less common now (it’s the ones with grey engines and old shape panels) = They don’t mind using Laser, IX, CR8E.

Dare I say with my years of experience servicing hyosungs here in Yorkshire, i can flatout tell you the new gen 125RC are the hardest things to start if the following applies

  • Clearances out of adjustment  (any engine that hasn’t had it done in last 4,000 miles has to have it done)
  • Compression low
  • Carbs fouling
  • Clutch switch bad  (don’t bypass it)
  • Bad coils, bad caps  (very common, yes both the coil and cap take each other down)
  • rusty electrics.

As you have a 2016 RC , i would honestly say Laser or CR8E is the best way to go.   They don’t like “IX” (blue box) ones because they are either good for 5k miles (peak) then they wane fast ,  or if they foul or get annoyed, they don’t perform well in the RC engine and henceforward starting nightmares.  I’ve not seen an RC have a good day with bad plugs but i have had more faith in the old grey engines to keep on going even if it felt like it has 1 cylinder left lol.

I have digressed a little bit as purely my opinion , i’d say stock CR8E or Laser grade.   Though, the stock ones would do just fine,  just make sure the coils and caps are in good spec  and the battery is 14v idling ,  14v at 5k revs and ofcourse a happy carb 😉

Though , i’m thinking of trying VPOWER NGK plugs , on a spare engine head just for fun and see what the A/F ratio is and what temps the exhaust pipes make from ice cold vs stock plugs just to see if i can move up from laser ones.

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