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It’s time someone designed and made a new one that can be fitted after carbs. Come on engineers, someone make one!

You can technically do it like this;

  • CNC BOX made out of metal.
  • 48mm(ish) rubber slots  (from some other bike you hunt at salvage yard) under the metal box with 2 holes.
  • Carb sits on the metal box
  • Front of the metal box has cnc welded metal pipe with a short rubber boot to hang on to the side-right air filter container.

    Then you can do away with the complicated plastic box 🙂


That’s why my tutorial advises the plastic box and carbs to mount first and tight…..  the slide intake pipes from under 1 by 1 , i mean if you do it often it becomes easy and routine like.

The stress comes from being delicate with the rubber pipes that can easily buldge and split!

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