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Hey Nicolle, welcome to the site!

Hopefully we can help. Sorry if this is a bunch of questions but it would help narrow things down, so take your time!

– As it’s a 2013 = Does your ECU under the seat say DELPHI or DAEWOO or can you post a picture of it here >?

– What size battery is it and which brand/make ?  (Sometimes knock off batteries will drain away fast)

  • Does it have any accessories  ? (Heated Grips, Alarm, Immobilizer, Trackers etc…that could be on juicing the battery down)
  • When you switch on the key , do you hear the fuel tank do any buzzing noise ?  (Eg. the sound of the fuel pump priming to start)


If you got the right side of the bike , open its cover under the seat for access to relays ,  you will see “4 pin” relays that are blue or black inside.
Swap them over
Eg.   you see 2x plugs that use the same relays   ,  swap the relays ,  this way we can see if that changes anything.
Relay 1 = Headlights (4Pins)
Relay 2 = Fuel Pump (4 Pins)

If your lights work, remove a relay until the lights don’t work  (headlights),  then swap the relays around , then hopefully that working relay will switch on your fuel pump.

Also another trick,
CAREFULLY unplug the ECU from the harness , be as gentle as you can.
Get “Contact Cleaner” from any car shop or auto shop
Spray a little bit of contact cleaner inside every single connector you find on the bike,  every single one. Just unplug , spray them.

Also get a can of “Air Duster” or “Compressed Air in a CAN” , spray inside the connectors to blow everything out and dry it out.   Then connect parts back to the bike.

CHE error means communication issue usually to do with dash not sensing the harness or ecu not sensing the harness but sometimes its other parts on the bike.

You can also disassamble the “Red” Kill Switch block at the front gently and remember how the stuff was connected before.

Use contact cleaner to clean the switch out.  It is okay to unscrew the buttons out slowly inside the red kill switch , then blast them with contact cleaner & air compressor can ,  === CHE sometimes can be ignition related   (Kill Switch block and Ignition Key wires under the airbox too.)

I hope what i have so far helps ~?

We do also have a “Service Manual” on the forum , if you’re interested in studying the bike further ~? It is below:

[Download] GT GTR 125 250 R Comet Carby & EFi Service Manual & Hyosung Owners Books

Get the one that says “GV250” / EFi  , its the last link.

Good luck , and keep us updated  & happy belated new years!

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