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North UK

Hello Andy,  Good to have you here 🙂 & Happy belated new years!

Let’s crack on ,  so you have the bike , that’s great, perharps can you upload some photos on here ?
– The bike itself

Also, go to the engine, see the front engine ? –> Now next to the rubber manifold holding the carbs , you will see a date stamped on it.
Take a picture of that engine mfg date


Engine number is directly above the stator casing on the left side of the crank ,  it will say something like GT125-234568  =  I will guestimate the engine’s true age from there (but it would not surprise me if Korea makes engines in random numbers)

We do not need to see your VIN number here on public , thats usually for the GOV to know that anyways.

It may be a little tricky as i’ve seen even 19 plates and 20 plates still get registered after jumping crazy hoops , it is because the laws changed before the covid era where “all bikes” that run on 125cc engines with carbs needed to have registrations done.  After 2019 , it meant new bikes being registered had to have fuel injection, CBS or ABS and what not to please Euro4/Euro5 laws in EU, which for some reason UK still obeys them after all that brexit mess, ….weird but whatever…

Moving on, you will eventually get a plate from DVLA , i am sure they probably have an un-used 66-68 plate available or a custom plate assigned to it , in either case ,   this site is an owners club in the sense its a social platform,  we have not had to issue certificates dating the bikes , unless they for specifics of how we should “produce” such certificate ?


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