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North UK


When you twist the throttle and it dies, it means either:

  • The “Throttle Slides” are not lifting up to release main jet fuel to combustion chamber as the bike revs up
    (Sticky or torn slides even so much as a small rubber rip?)
  • Spray “Carb Cleaner” on the intake rubber pipes connecting the carbs to the cylinder heads = if revs change, there is a leak there.
  • Airbox issue ~? (either the top one or the right side one)

If you have size “20 Pilot Jets” I have sent you , that should be inside the carb already (I assume cleaned from any packaging dust?)

How fresh is the fuel ?   (Assuming it is E5 grade or better)

Next time it runs, twist the throttle very very very slowly and see if revs rise up?


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