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North UK

well done on putting her back together! –
I hope this is true below:

  • Both jets were clean (pilots)
  • Starting jet is clean  (the tall one inside the carb that can’t be removed)
  • Main Jets are clean
  • Every part in the carb was meticulously put together.
  • Fuel pipes are connected and fuel tank tap is working

When you crank the bike, you will see the fuel drip inside the clear fuel filter as a hint the engine is now pulling fuel out of the tank

This also means the fuel pump is working and connected well.

Now, this should be a very easy process to start it  (I hope!)

  • Remove the “Air filter” on the RIGHT SIDE of the bike  (That small baby air box that hangs on the right side of the bike)
    Open it.
  • Get this product in your local car shop or bike shop,   (or something similar to it)
  • One you get it…
  • Put your bike in neutral (make sure of it by checking the rear wheel spins free, as rarely but sometimes fake neutrals happen)
  • Put your carb in FULL choke mode

Since you have 2 hands ofcourse,

  • 1 hand twists the throttle & thumb presses start (twist throttle on and off as fast as you can)
  • Hand #2 will be spraying “crazy” amounts of easy start in to the air abox hole (since you removed the filter)

Trust me, if your bike is sparking good,  it will INSTANTLY start and scream to 4K revs.

  • Now leave it on choke for 5mins screaming.
  • Then slowly turn the choke off and watch the “IDLE SCREW” adjuster on the left side of the bike to make sure bike idles at 1500 rpm

The fuel should be E5 only please.  No E10 fuel.  (if i haven’t mentioned it elsewhere on the forum)

Once the bike is okay , get this bottle  below  (DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE) … It must be precisely this one as i swear by it,

  • Now, if you have HALF a tank of fuel.  Do not add more fuel.
  • Pour the WHOLE bottle of the Formula Gold above

Go for a short ride but dont be far from home yet, just go around the neighbourhood.  See how it feels before venturing out far.

Now the reason for 1/2 tank + full bottle of formula gold, is more like an agressive mixture thats going to make its way down to the ;

  • Tap  (collect debris)
  • Fuel filter (dump debris there)
  • Travel to fuel pump , collect debris in the lines..
  • to the carb
  • Full Throttle will have the main jets & throttle slides fully open to dump any micro debris out of the exhaust while riding the bike.

If all is well, the fuel will go to low level after many miles of riding and the bike should be fully awake at this point 🙂


Oh yes before i forget, put the air filter back nicely once the bike starts from easy start.

Also use Formula gold once every 3-6 months to keep the carbs optimal and fuel system generally clean.

Fresh fuel lines and fresh filter helps a lot.

hope this digest of information helps 🙂

Have a good winter break!


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