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GT 125

The GV sender tends to be a little optimistic sometimes , for example on my GTR it will say full then maybe 30 miles later it drops a bar. If i am to assume i am riding super economically to get 200+ mile range MPG out of a full 17L tank. I expect 3 bars to drop from full if i use around 5L of it. I am not sure how many miles that is as its been a while since i paid attention to the odo counter lol. The GV in this case will probably say full until its almost 3/4 left of it, then it should start to move down as the float lowers. You can always test the fuel sensor like this:

  • Full Tank = Ride 10 miles , and go home. Unhook the sensor cable. Test with your meter many OHMS you get from the SENSOR itself. Report back here.
  • If you suspect the tank is half-full left Test ohms of the sensor Report back here.

Ie. Full was 400 ohms , almost low fuel left was 200 ohms etc… (Example here) these are not actual Hyosung figures. You will get that from your meter, I will know if your sensor is working or your gauge is fishy or just a harness issue. Have date with that pocket meter 🙂

yeah took it off and some donut put it in the wrong way….. many thanks