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North UK

JT XRING isn’t too bad , so you should be okay , if in doubt you can always try any RK XRing / EK XRing as my personal preference , there is also other japanese brands like Tsubaki, Kobura.  Whatever you do, avoid the likes of TVR, Choho, and them unfamilar chinese brands , they always snap!

For wheel alignment, go behind your rear tyre , kneel down … and so do it like this

  • Bike needs to be on paddock stands.
  • Make sure your rear axle is a little loose so the wheel moves.
  • Loosen chain tensioners a little.
  • Pull the rear wheel back as far as you can safely.
  • Look inside the “INNER walls” OF swingarm (facing the tyre sidewalls)
  • You will see each side a “drain hole” for the swingarm towards the front of the bike.
  • You want your tyre to be sort of inbetween them
  • ie….
    [swingarm leg left] [drain hole] [tyre here] [drain hole] [swingarm leg right]

sometimes a straight long strong ruler helps check the chain is straight also.


  • Tension of the chain while it is on paddock stands should be about 15mm when you push the bottom chain up^  (rough guess)
  • Check wheel again and chain are straight, then tighten the rear wheel axle to max of 60 ft lbs torque  (make sure to use a torque wrench)
    If you brake hard the brake disc and caliper apply force on the right side of wheel, that might bring the wheel forward
    if you take off hard , the chain wants to pull the wheel on the left side , and vise versa.
  • I think you get the idea of where i am going with all this

    Did my reply help so far ?

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