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North UK

What do you use to hold the O rings in place whilst trying to ease the intake pipes back on? 

Hey, this is how Korea does things and i am very convinced they put the engine and carb together in to the chassis during production but im sure they have other ways too, until i find more tricks , i will expose it!

Anyways,  the manifold orings …..

  • Clean the intake pipe grooves well
  • Get something similar to PUTOLINE RACE GREASE
  • Dress the orings in that grease  (no silicone / no instant sealants / no RTV markers)
  • Put the oring inside the manifold circle groove
  • Find a glass table or table that is very straight.
  • Place manifold  (oring facing down) on table
  • Hold the manifold and press down hard (but be gentle?) so that the o-ring firmly sits inside the groove.
  • Hold the pressure for maybe 30 seconds.


Lift the manifold, the oring should now be firmly inside , it should not fall out anymore.

Again, get a little bit of grease,  apply a very small coat on the engine cylinder heads where the manifold is going to sit.  Just make sure the area is clean.

Take extreme care not to let dust, or debris inside the valves as they are directly exposed in the intake holes of the engine.

Get a very short allen key, and m6 socket cap bolt ready, as soon as you fit a manifold nicely between the carb and cylinder heads = screw in 1x bolt all the way down , while your other hand is holding the carb+airbox combination.  It is tricky but you will practise this and it will be easier next time you service the bike.

in my experience  (no matter how good i get at this) it will always take me 1hr to put everything back to gether nicely before i start it!

first time i tried years ago , it took me 4hrs and a lot of swearing and an almost damaged intake pipe.

You will be forgiven if it takes you time, it’s okay to be patient 🙂   = After all the real enemy is the frame spar in the middle of the chassis but i guess it was the best way they can design the chassis and cram in everything it needs to function well .

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