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No the very old style, it just has the two dials (speedometer and revs)

Sorry to keep asking is because the left fork has 2 different sensors for speed  (MPH counting) ,  one is digital  (it has a 3 pin plug under the dash)  and the sensor is always black.

or you have the old style mechanical version speedo sensor that’s always in grey colour , it has a stiff cable that goes right under the “MPH” side of the dash as to wind it up.

Now with that being said,
There is some aftermarket amazon dashes that are more primitive in terms of function that use a speedo cable hooked to it, it will be some sort of single face gauge
– missing fuel sensor (you won’t know how much fuel is left)  but some of them include the little fuel gauge display though.
– missing rev counter (you won’t know the revs ?)

There is other dashes that require more advanced understanding of your bike’s wiring and you need to buy a plug like this

Do not cut your harness , as Korea isn’t making anymore of them carby looms,  most people that sell them 2nd hand are dishonest  (chopped to hell & back)

For example your dash has a “BLUE” 9 pin plug that is a “MALE”  ,   whatever new dash you want to change to,

  • learn the wiring diagram from manual
  • learn which positions of those wire colours are in the pins of your “Bike harness” blue female side.
  • Now the blue dash may have a red wire for power  = you can use the red wire on the hyosung side.
  • New dash says “Brown” is negative, = you can use the “black/white” wire of the hyosung side.

    Just some pointers here, personally i’ve not changed or tried to mess with the oem dashes of the hyosung bikes , they work well lol.

    However i will attempt to fit a GTR dash to a GV bike with some brackets and such , i will probably show it off in forum
    (warning, not all GT125R dashes have the same looms! Some are crossed)

    There is always the issue that Korean’s have changed wire colours for certain years of GV bikes , so even a manual isn’t always up to date sometimes.
    Some us have to open the dash to see where each wire went.  Messy!

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