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North UK

the sprockets look healthy for the time being 🙂

Try my fav chain ,   RK XSO2 520  – And get rivet links also.   Costly chain for sure but XRing , and can’t go much wrong with RK Japan chains.

If you have cash ,  EK XRing race grade chains cost a lot but handle well.

You will also make sure your wheel is absolutely straight  (use a beam light, laser style light, or ruller to make sure the chain is straight)

If the wheel is like this  /   /    than  |  |  straight,  the chain stretches a lot faster.  It also eats away the sprockets faster too.

make your rear shock (if OEM) adjusted at level 5  (stiffest setting) , it makes it less bouncy at the back   (chain always tensions on suspension drops & rises also)





Fold that yellow washer again , so that the nut has less chance of vibrating off.

if the washer is damaged teeth inside,  please just replace the washer,  i’ve lost count people messaging me about sprocket washers when the nut goes missing at 60mph lol .   I always fold washer 2x and tap it tight to the nut so there is no gap also. 🙂

If possible, a new nut is always better than an old nut.

Just my late night ideas , hope this helps!

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