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Can you post a picture of your current bike showing the exhaust ?

Some GVs have factory twin pipes and some are a single cannon  (2 variations exist also)  = Making 3 designs total.

In honesty, the company that makes bolt on exhaust kits for the GV that work well is the LeoVince Silvertail,  the bike looses speed without baffle, so best to keep it in.

Due to the nature of the GV having its pipes so short and a massive long cannon or twin long cannons,  adding slash cuts is not something i would do, its very loud (annoying loud lol) and the bike looses a lot of power  (as it’s too free flowing).  However some people don’t really care as they just do it for the “looks” really when doing bobber chop frame cut conversions, so they want things at the back shrunk down more.

The carby GV650 will get away with slash cuts (stubbies) , if the bike gets tuned right. It’s hard to tune the 125 with very short systems.  There is a reason leovince kept the pipes long as they can for the GV250 and GV125 models.

Sorry for delayed reply, i hope this gives you some insight too.

You could probably get away with “being creative” to cut inside the stock exhaust to make its hole bigger for sound , and still have some kind of backpressure retain,   (The single long long cannon system) , it probably has a lot of stuffing inside to dampen the noise too.

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