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Málaga, Spain

Even the australians discourage new members on facebook from using such sites , i do not recommend them as they are just wishy-washy. Honestly , there isn’t much i can’t get. If my oldest UK hyosung dealer (what is local to me) or Sinnis UK or MotoGB UK can’t get it from KR Motors Korea , best believe Korea isn’t making such part or they have suspended production temporarily. It is true some random websites out there might have stock for certain parts , it might just be old stock they bought up. It’s not just blue/white sites being a scam, some of they do actually ship products but they take months or customer gets wrong parts in the boxes. I get told this all the time. I was approached by one of the sites to do business , i said no. Email me a proper list of parts so that i can see what i can do for you. The carb rebuild kit includes the “float seat , float seat screw , float seat plunger tip” Black floats are in stock and sold separate on the site shop , even the Needle for slides or NEEDLE JETS (where slide needle goes in , and has acorn nut on the other end etc) – I try to put as much of the common carb parts on the site as possible, if something is missing i will get it for you or advise accordingly , i will look out for your email. Do not worry about idle mixtures, once you put the Size 20 Pilot Jets & Upgraded Main Jets ===> Set it to 2.5 full turns out from closed stop, then this is a setting forever. The “STARTING JET” (the jet that can’t be removed inside carb body) is what will start the bike first. This video is 100% our carb but imagine upside down 😉

Great vid! Thanks for the info. Have sent you an email.