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I’m really at a loss, I sprayed most of the connectors including the ECU and still the same result. I’m thinking I may have to remove the air box, and follow the wiring, and clean out every plug, and look for any kinks in the wiring, and if that doesn’t work….. I don’t know. is there any way to test the ECU to rule that out???

By any chance have you downloaded one of the service manuals in the techinical section of this forum and get the 650 manual that corresponds to the version of your bike  (Because yours is a 2010 , you either have a daewoo or mitsubishi ecu , but its rare for a 2010 to have a delpi ecu until later years but i won’t rule it out)

The service manual does have some pages where you can try to trick the ECU to give out an error code to the dash (if the CHE does go away) or it explains further what to do when CHE is present ,  though , their cartoon diagrams do explain how to test other electronics with a pocket meter to be on the safe side.

What you want to do is thoroughly check every electronic part on the bike,  some can be tested without the bike needing to be running ,  it is a tedious process , but if it’s all ruled perfectly, that would leave just the ECU or the Harness itself. I pray its not the ECU, it is a costly part on its own self!

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