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North UK

Thanks to Marcel and Simon. After fitting upgraded stator & flywheel, coils and rectifier bike running better than ever uprated sprockets makes a world of difference 😀 👍.

Hello Dave,

I am very happy for you!
If it is not too much trouble for you, check the stator and reg pages on the shop and go to bottom for “review” section and leave some feedback.  It lets everyone know how it actually performs from your own point of view , they can’t just take my words for it 🙂

Especially with the 520 chain kit  (if you got it from us recently) , leave some review to see what changes it did from stock setup , ie.   1st was 20 oem , but uprated was 15mph  (faster) or 30mph (slower but each gear range is extended), or balanced etc etc.

Look after her fella 🙂

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