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North UK

They are not in the UK market yet but as soon as i get hold of a good supplier, i will advise or list them , this is also often asked for the older GV carby bikes.

I am also sure Korea is making them as optional item for new bikes like they did in the past, i am keeping an eye.

I dare not advise chinese made parts on such heavy bike, we don’t know how well they produce their own parts for this bike or it could fall apart soon.

Not all hope is lost, you can get a bike lift that will rise up the bike from under the middle of the chassis so the whole bike is suspended in the air,  pretty handy if wanting to take both wheels off even for whatever needs servicing on them.

People that have bought 520 chain kits on this site have used small bike lifts at home or garages did it for them.

You will find various lifts on Amazon Prime for getting it faster, if it is urgent.   I wouldn’t use old fashioned car jacks but some people have done that & not yet dropped their bikes to the side yet! 🤐😬

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