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GT250R efi

2-stroke have haunted my thoughts… as Cagiva Mito, Aprilia RS, and Honda NSR is getting cheaper – but also harder to find good parts for. A Yamaha TZR125, or Suzuki RG125 is high up there…but rare here, and also overpriced.

So, the Hyo stays.  Need another 3-4 ponies and some torque…for going against wind & uphill… -so the hunt for 50-125cc more volume will be the next plan.  I have anti-rust-oiled most of the frame-internals, and rear-swing, and most other modifications are for convenience and reliability reasons.

If I were rich…I would have used way too much on titanium parts, to save weight, maybe also lighter rims.

Single cylinder 4-strokes…I usually describe as lawnmowers…  – not interesting.

Old and grumpy,(?), have fairly wide engine & tuning experience, "restoring/resto-mod" on cars & mc, worked as electronic tech.

GT125R - sold. New (used): GT250R-efi