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Thanks for the reply Tom. Just got so disheartened with it. Sort 1 thing and another fault pops up. I started at the end and worked back. By shorting the starter Relay i know the wire to the starter and the starter it’s self are ok. Bought a multi meter to test wiring. Followed the wiring from the switch into the main loom. Where i found a connector just above the front cylinder. Directly in the area most likely to get wet 😮😟 it wouldn’t budge. Managed to separate it and it’s full of dirt and salt etc and all pins are green and 1 corroded away. So due to the state of the wiring i’m thinking a new loom is the way to go. As i could replace the connectors but could have further issues down the road if the wiring compromised. Plus new loom is less messing about and rules out that side of it aswell as the side stand switch (which has been bypassed) Which narrows it down to either the loom or R/H switch. I do have a spare engine with neutral sensor etc i can swap over to.

I don’t want to get rid as it’s my first road bike. Just so annoying fault after fault after fault. Suppose once i’ve replaced everything i should be trouble free riding for a while 🤣🤣


Thanks Again Tom 👍