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Western Australia
2010 Hyosung GT650 Comet EFI

Sorry to keep adding but Iā€™m not sure where the throttle was when you took the voltage reading if it varied in the same position then the tps has got to be the problem the fueling would be all over the place.

Both of the tps readings had the throttle closed, just at different temperatures, it read about 3.5v when it was cold, started it up again and measured the voltage with the engine running and after stopping it when it’s hot and it read 1.31v both instances (When it was on and when it was turned off and hot) with the throttle closed.

Also had a look at the electrical leads and connections around the bike, most of them were saturated in oil so I gave them the best clean out I could and I replaced both of the ignition coils. Bike idles higher (Probably because it was colder) , exhaust pops a bit and it still stalls when I let go of the throttle when it’s hot.