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I pulled the airbox off the carbs (breaking the airbox at the retaining screws) so it came off with the 2 small rubber sealing rings still attached to the airbox not the carbs. So do i attach the seals to the top of the carbs and secure with the clip attached then just push the airbox onto the carb with a bit of lube and the seals should pop in?

Or pop the seals into the airbox then push it all onto the carbs and tighten the clip up?

I’m probably making this more hard work that it needs to be 😖

Can you get some pictures of your situation if possible, so we can see where you are stuck exactly , as it should go in the same way you took it out. However, i would caution not to stress the manifolds, korea doesn’t make em any more and be ready to fork out ££££££s just to even get a decent half -cracked up one .