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North UK

I have done about 50 miles in this barcelonian style heatwave until the country cooled down again to 7c! – It has been really nice, so i can imagine you and Rosie made a nice picnic style trips out of it.    April is around, so we shall expect some consistence 15c weather as it rises up to the summer 20s.

It was nice to know there is a garage out there that isnt going to treat the bike like its chinese and take silly shortcuts , sometimes its what other clients tell me and their bikes behave worse due to mechanic errors.  So well done on you for being hands on , i suppose working on a “hyosung” will make you a bike wizard that’s for sure haha!

I have a GV myself and i’ve been thinking to make it a bobber style similar to the upcoming GV300SA 2022 , but ofcourse it means no screens.  I wouldn’t mind the wind in the summer! – Winter time, means i will have to wear some kind of heated vest.   Function/Practicality vs Looks is a debate i have with myself each day.  However , short screens aint too bad , similar to the GT250P model hyosungs, i might do that  , if i have a batwing , i wouldn’t be any faster as there isnt much aerodynamics vs the wind, then again im not a racer.

The bike looks good without the screen sir! Nice photo

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