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North UK

Hey Rosie looks good!  – I see you have took my advise so we can feast our eyes on your bike.

Hey , i don’t really socialize too much on FB unless answering queries , i am getting old myself ,  but i know half the members on here don’t even use facebook to chat about bikes  (in this case doing journals) or posting pictures of their outings & excursions with the bikes,  this site may just be about the “closest” thing to some kind of “social network” should we say!

Tom , i dare not show my age but i have vague memories about hearing that song at one point as a much younger man lol.

@Zigger – “As with any new girlfriend you have to start spending money on presents, ”   —- You said it right there,  either its a woman or a bike,  once our eyes go left , so does our wallet and we usually don’t think to get it “right” till way later haha! –

Tyres do take a lot of my budget every year as i usually spend best of the best (michelins) i guess but i do a lot of miles each year , so its unavoidable.  Just as is pads are always going to get change probably twice or thrice a year!

Some modifications = spend once,  smile later, now those i can live with.

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