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Good that you changed the ECU, means you have a backup copy as these things are not always easy to get hold off.

Have you done any ECU Code Retrival from the service manual (it’s in this forum) , these will display a code on the dash to tell us which part is being funny (since being an efi bike has many sensors on it)

It may seem like nothing but have you also ridden the bike with half a tank full and  2 big bottles of Petrol Cleaner  (such as WYNNS EXTREME GOLD PETROL CLEANER) ,  ride the bike a little bit until the fuel level gets low.   It is extreme to use 2 bottles but we want to see what happens when the fuel system cleaner is running through all fuel parts  if it helps anything at all ?

Like i said, it may be nothing but taking small steps can *sometimes* help the bike get itself together.  And use  E5 fuel only where possible!

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