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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Korea did not reveal the turns to discourage owners tampering with them , and due to the fact  125cc and 250cc  , GV  and GT,  have slightly different turns from each other  based on what model the bike is and the jettings used.

So your profile says GT125R  (a carb with a jet pump attached to the rear float bowl),  use around 2 and 1 quarter to 3 full turns max.      Rear being slightly richer as it’s the hottest cylinder.

1/8 of a turn does make a difference, so i would encourage a carb ultrasonic cleaner and dead-on adjusted clearances  & lastly a religously clean intake system that’s also leak-free including how far the airbox swallows the carb, and intake manifold orings changed.

You will find that if any of the above ^ is not done, the mixture messing will be a nightmare to get it spot on.

Sometimes tools to anaylize the heat of the exhaust pipes also helps  , even as much as reading the air/fuel ratio that’s coming out of the tail pipe.  Clean & new spark plugs will be a good hint after a short run.

Show us the plugs when done.  (though , it can be expected to go through 1 or 2 plugs , as per typical “plug chopping” process)

I hope this reply helped.

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