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Aug 20, 2021

I have purchased a fair bit from you lol intake jets ss bolt set clutch ect I basically know your shop like back of my hand ahaha and yes I have had 93 out of it so far and I have manager to get it to run with no dead spots when warm some how lol I have already rejetted carbs ect the exhaust I built will be a 2into1 the can I have is not a full size one but is a fairly decent can gives of a lovely sound and a massive step up from standard one lol.. however I do believe with porting polishing and just polishing the cylinder with a hone and my custom exhaust and play with the timing and gearing a little I do believe it will do 100mph+ I have managed to reliably get around 85 out of 125 singles and when I jumped on the R it just felt like a different level right from the off for a 125 it was like being on a restricted 600 I had 90 the day I got it although it I brought it knowing it had a bottom end knock turned out the Conrod bearing had gone and piston came down further and smashed the fins off the rear piston that extra bit of stroke was what got me 90mph standard which lead to rebuilding everything and saw the potential in that engine

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