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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I notice the gt125s can come with either step type rear shock or threaded type not sure if they are different but anyway is the suspension on these absolutely shocking or is mine just in dying need of a rebuild?


You can use the GT650 shock as its more firm and it does raise up the bike a little bit.

The old gen shocks are much better wearing because i like the step_mountain clicking adjustment , than screwing type.  Both shocks do need religious greasing to keep rust at bay though and their legs painted.    New shape shocks found on newer bikes suffer from the “warp bending” effect on the legs when rider is always on the bike everyday , eventually it sways .  However, the leg metal plate that a bolt slots through can be taken off and a fabricator can copy it easily and use much stronger steel.

Various bandit shocks are known to fit the hyos but they are without some modifications in some cases. Sometimes the hyo’s under tray needs cutting/trimming around for clearances etc.  I never bothered with it since i am still using an old gen shock 40k miles later, i just put it on the stiffest setting and that also includes carrying luggage or a pillion sometimes.

However it does remind me i should probably spend this winter and see if i can mess about with my donor aquilas as they have double shocks which are old but surprisingly holding up fine!

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