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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If you need some jets , just email us. or browse my ebay  @Evocrest is the username , i have listed various jets there too.

I will try to list more carb parts on here too,  the acorn nuts are very hard and expensive things to stock all the time, so i hope you go easy with the next one lol.

If the bike has laser plugs (not the junk IX), ngk ht cap, and stronger coils,  using the #5 slot on the needle is OK, as it will help the midrange   (#5 is the one towards the pointy end)

90 and 92.5 mains is very plenty for the GV125 Aquila plus its naked, so it gets plenty cooling. Unlike GTR’s that run slightly hotter at the rear engine with less air flow passing them.

Hope you get it sorted , and keep us all posted!

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