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Aug 20, 2021

Been starting to notice this whilst the bike has been idling, and whilst waiting at traffic lights. I understand that these bikes do not have the “iconic” V-twin sound, but you can easily distinguish between a single and a twin. Whilst the bike is at low RPM, it sounds like it is only running on one cylinder. I don’t know what could cause this, blocked carbs? Sooty plugs? Low power from the battery? Is this a common fault? The second I pull away, it chugs and jerks a bit, then I can hear the second cylinder fire up and it runs smooth again. Another reason to add to my list of “love-hate” things about my bike haha. I don’t want a new relationship, I want a long-term marriage, with little commitment or effort required!! Would anyone know any easy ways to fix this? I’m no mechanical genius, but I have a decent knowledge and some handy tools.

first just start the bike up and don’t revs it let it warm up feel if both the cylinders are getting hot.. If only one your prediction is correct and is caused by either intake spark or compression so I’d start with compression test of all is good swap the plugs over if that cylinder still isn’t firing you should check intake manifold for cracks splits if that’s good clean your carb especially the pilot jet if it’s still not firing on idle your idle mixture is wrong on the carb going to that cylinder