Eric Ashwell
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Aug 20, 2021
Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
2008 GV250 Aquila

Thanks Marcel,

I am going to re-set the floats to the 7mm “above” the gasket level per your recommendation, and I have considered that the actuator in the needle was stuck but I had replaced them, and checked that the little spring actuatorย  was working.ย  This bike had sat for 10 years when I bought it and I replaced most items and soaked everything in Berryman’s, but there were 2 components in each carb I plan to replace as well for the following reasons:

  1. ย Float assembly – I have a feeling the float seams were cracked or otherwise compromised and after the 200km that I was able to get it run, I think they may have filled with gas and became less bouyant – I will test this theory in some hot water next time I remove the carb…OR
  2. The float needle housings – Perhaps there was some built up varnish that I was not able to clean and fresh gas loosened it to the point that the needles did not close fully or other wise were hindered in smooth operation.

As I said, this bike sat for 10 years and I cleaned the tank, replaced the petcock, fuel lines, filter, pump, carb gaskets, idle mixture o-rings, main jets (front and rear sized right), idle jets, float needles, carb filters, needle housing o-rings, and thoroughly cleaned the carb.ย  It ran for 200km (performing progressively worse) and then I figured to adjust the floats.ย  So I think I am sooooo close!ย  Considering it did run at first, that 7mm must be correct.

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