Eric Ashwell
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Aug 20, 2021
Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
2008 GV250 Aquila


My GV250 Floats were at 8-9, but gas continually ran out the overflow (float too close to gasket and never closing needle – so 7 would be even worse. ย carburetor specificationspulled the carb outโ€ฆagain (fun) and I pressure benched the needle and it made a tight seal, so there would have been no reason for fuel to pour through bowl unless floats never rose to close. ย Iย set them at 17 per manual and it wonโ€™t even start (too far away and not allowing bowl to fill before closing needle). ย Is it a typo in manual (see attached)?

Is there a happy place..Iโ€™m thinking 12-14โ€ฆ?

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