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Jan 14, 2020
GV125 2016

I have not had the issue with the hoses and the revs, but I understand the problem with using the throttle and the engine cutting out.

It is clear that you have the fuel to air ratio wrong, where the carburettors are definitely blocked, so you are getting too much air and not enough fuel.

Our fuel tanks carry 14 Litres, so if the bottle says “one bottle for 50” then put in a quarter or so. No need to measure it precisely, it will not cause harm to your motor.

Definitely check your idle adjuster.

Hyosung GV125 AQUILA CUSTOMYou can locate it below the “V-Twin” plastic cover. Run the engine, and twist the black knob anti-clockwise to turn it down a bit, and clockwise to increase it.

This should help out the engine cutting out when throttle is applied after turning it on.

Im not too sure what hose you are squeezing, but it is probably the air intake into the carburettor. Which would explain why the tach increases, as you are adjusting the air/fuel mixture into the motor.

Your best bet is to put the additive in, do a bit of spraying into the air intake, and run the bike. Adjust your throttle cable and eventually the carbs should clear up. The bike will be easier to start.

Hyosungs are notorious for being sluggish whilst cold. Mine still takes about 5 minutes of riding to catch up to speed.