Eduardo Abreu
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Jan 15, 2020

Thank you Moustache Man for your tips.

the video that i have posted does not show all usual symptoms.

sometimes it’s more hard to put it running so when it seems it will turn on when push throttle immediately it turns off, and when i put it running i figured that if i press a hose that comes from the left of carby (one that comes in two hoses connected by “T” connector and it ends in nowhere place) the tach rises a little more.

for now i bought STP products for fuel and for injectors and i will try with that firstly, but let me ask you more.

both bottles (200ml) tells in instructions to put all content in a full tank of fuel but it say that 200ml is for 50-60lt, so i must do a proportion, right?

and what do you think i must do in first place? go with fuel additive or injector cleaner additive?

thanks for your reply again!