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Jan 25, 2021
Hyosung GT 250 N

Hello together,

it’s bin a long time but i can proudly say: The bike is alive  😎

long story short:

I’ve got the the engine out, disassamble everything, cleaned all parts from carbon buildup, put new piston rings on, changed all gaskets including cyclinder head and put it all together again. Try to start it and… nothing. Yes you’re not gonna believe it but the error was not in the engine itself. Of course the piston rings were week and the gasket was not in perfect shape. So it was good to change it but maybe the engine had startet when i had found the issue earlier.


The little pin, that hold the magnet wheel, was broken and the wheel was out of allignment on the crankshaft. So it was imposible to start the engine. I made a new pin and after a short push on starter button, the bike came back to life instantly.


Guy’s you’re not gonna believe how happy i was to hear this stupid engine running after so so sooooo much time. And yes, I have to admit, that i got a little tear running down my face ^^

I made a lot of pictures during the engine rebuild. If you’re interested, please have a look.



PS: I actually rebuild the engine way back in April. But after it didn’t started I let it sit there for a few month and revisited the issue last week. Luckely i found this stupid pin ^^