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GT 650 i

Hi Peadar,

thanks again for you answer 🙂

1. I found this really helpful video which shows how to adjust the tps at exactly my bike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYJJLE0ZFDI  I will give it a try later.

2. Okay… all new words for me 😀 But after a bit of using Google I guess I know what you mean now. Next weekend a friend of mine is coming over and we will check the throttle body butterflies.

Are those defects that can happen in the situation I described in my first post? As my bike already had some issues with electronics I thought it might be something like this. 2 month ago a cable burned so we changed some parts and the bike was running fine again. I dont know the english terms for those parts but it was Nr. 2 from here and nr. 5 from  here