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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Should be around 2 1/4 to  2 1/2 turns out front

Then the rear about 2 3/4 turns out. Be very wise. Very delicate screws. Clean the area hard 1st.

Float height 7mm. Not less. Not more

Jets Pilot – Size 15 each.  Check again and confirm you can shine light through em.


Main jets 87.5 front and 90 rear or upgrade to 90 front and 92.5 rear

Slide needle should be middle groove or  3rd groove towards pointy tip

What i said and how to do so is at the above links of tutorials of jetting and slide adjustment.


Carb would still have to be the culprit is your compression is bang on.

Next time.  Clean plugs.  Go ride whatever highest speed safely then turn off plug.

Upload pictures of front and rear spark plugs so i can see how dark your threads are and how dark the middle of the plug tips are.  Its time to get visual now


Best of luck!

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