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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hi Marcel When I shift to 1st gear fairly loud clicking noise can be heard and generally shifting to other gears are stiff and a bit noisy compare to say Kawasaki Ninja. It has done 3000 miles. Idle speed yesterday droped to 15k it could be the weather.

Change the oil, and use Motul 7100 10w50 or 10w60   (NOT 10w40) , get what is in bold. It may help.

Oil change guide is here below:

[Tutorial] How to Change Oil & Filter on Hyosung GV + GT125/250 +R

Second, check your gear linkages arent loose from engine to the rearset hanger

Last, check the chain isn’t too slack. It will affect gear changes 100%

Let us know if this helped at all.

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