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Dec 13, 2020
GV125 Aquila

Update. Needle sliders are moving freely. Just come back from a test ride. Unfortunately no change. Again rides slightly better without the air filter but still bogging badly. Any more suggestions please?

How fast do revs climb up? The GV doesnt need a snorkel cutting , that applied to the GT bikes due to their more restrictive filter. By any chance can you upload pics of your spark plugs? We can see if the mixture is too rich or lean. Have you been spraying carb cleaner near the manifolds, airbox openings, and airbox mounts (on the carb openings) to see for change of revs?

Hi Marcel

Out of gear the revs will redline. Pulling away it will rev high. Getting up into 4th & 5th it will only rev to 7k then starts bogging. Any incline and it will only rev to 6k when I drop it down still only 6k.

Sprayed carb cleaner everywhere and no change in revs.

I managed to get the airbox and carb off yesterday with the aid of a fellow biker. Took off the inlet manifolds ( the front one didn’t have split washers and was a bit loose) even though the manifolds have some surface cracking, the inside was sound. Checked all of the pipes and are all good. Put it all back together and there is a slight improvement but not where it should be. Still bogging.

The plugs are sootyΒ 

Runs better without the air filter so not enough air getting in.

The chrome air filter cover vent is blocked whilst the cover on the other side is openΒ Β 

Seems wrong to me as no air can get to the filter.

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