Alan McLean
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Orihuela Spain
Aquila GV125

Hi Marcel, Happy New Year to you and I hope you are keeping safe and well.

  • I finally got around to removing the carburettors again today to strip down and clean, the bike has not been run since I changed the main jet’s back in November. But when I started to strip the carb’s today there seemed to be a very slight trace of oil in the carb’s!!!
  • Now I did put a fuel additive in the tank when I did the upgrades (jet’s, fuel filter, fuel lines etc) back in November which I regretted as soon as I had done it so I’m not sure if it’s that that I am seeing.

What are your thoughts as what it could be, I don’t think it could be ring’s as the bike was running ok before the upgrades and there is only 1,300 Kms on her !!!