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These comments came from my replies to someone trying to switch over from a carby 125 to efi 125.   Use these words as some kind of wisdom if you like as the 650 may have a similar principal.  Also it is possible and easier on 650 than 125 but time , effort, lots of money plus the fact carby is more reliable than EFI due to less electronics involved.  Yes EFI is crisp but it has own other imperfections (for example sometimes throttle is like on and off, than smooth revs up/down , in other words, throttle behavior can be snatchy if you wanted to be precise).

Cant happen.
The EFi 250 system is shit. Problems = big bank balance to fix!

Also EFi 250 means it wants a 250 engine. It will not run smoothly whatsoever on a 125. Fuel mapping on ECU

Then it wants your engine to have ET , IAP , SAV , Injectors , 02 , RO , EFI magento, other sensors , efi dash, efi harness and the rest of the lot. Not one. All of it.

I have multiple efi machines i know lol.

I may have said also

If you ask me. Carby is ALWAYS better to work on. Less drama with zillion sensors.

Can I ask what is wrong with the carby setup?

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