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Apr 6, 2019

I wanted to post update to my progress on rebuilding my carburettor for my 2006 GT250R.

I have ordered rebuild kit from the shop, thanks Marcel, but due to current global issues (talking about you Rona) the shipping will be delayed. Due to my pending move, see above, I need to get the bike running now.

The second hand carb I scored for $100 AUD arrived it was in very good condition pulled from the exact model I have. A great win for me, YAY. I also received the float needle and seat I ordered from Mikunioz. I outlined it above but you can find it hereΒ Β N133.200 MikuniΒ . I purchased some digital vernier calipers, measuring down to 100th millimetre. The are identical, as far as the measurements go, also measuring the needle sizes as well. I found the spec for the Hyosung feed hole to be 1.2 mm (can’t recall where but that’s what I got)

I took a photo and the N133.200 is the top one and the bottom one is pulled from the 2006 GT250R carb I bought second hand. Yes it was damaged pulling it as it was very hard remove. The original seats in my bike where way worse and were destroyed removing them. The o-ring was like hard plastic.

I also connected a tube to the fuel intake and tested the needles are not leaking, by blowing into the tube (something I saw online for testing). Only thing I need to do now is get a new fuel filter as I put the last one in backwards πŸ™

Hope this info helps someone in a pinch, I am awaiting the arrival of the rebuild kit from the shop but will test this one until then, for science! (and I have no choice at this point)


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