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GV125 Aquila

Hi everyone. I am looking to upgrade the main jets on my GV125. Looked at Mikuni main jets on eBay. There are lots of sellers selling different shapes any types. I know I need a 90 front and 92.5 rear. But which type. Thanks in advance. Luke

Hi Luke! I have the answer to your question! https://www.wemoto.com/parts/picture/hl-229092_5 Check this link out, look for the code in the title if you dont wanna buy them from WeMoto or if they arent the correct jetting. These should be the right ones, if you search up that code on the internet, you find the specific Mikuni carburettors that are listed in the Specs guide of the GV125 (i did this research myself, you can double check if you like just to be safe) Hope this helps. Cheers

Thanks for that. I will get them ordered and follow the tutorial to fit them. Fingers crossed it all goes ok.