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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


: H38610HR9770

That’s exactly what i got from the trader database. It is the same relay used on all GV250,  Later GV125 (2009+) ,  GT125R , GT250R – All using the 3 wire plug.  (3 wires!)

“Blinking Hazards” is controlled by the correct switch gear unit either 2010+ GV125 or GT125 RC bikes.

Old gens didn’t have this at all.

The relay is directly controlled by the switch gears  (left side of bike for left or right)
And certain models of GV or GT on the “RIGHT SWITCH GEAR”  to turn on blinking hazards or not.

This also assumes all 4 bulbs on the bike, are Stock Korea ones. That’s all the relay responds to.

Which leaves investigating the bulbs , switch units gears, harness.

Your relay must be the same both new and old.  They will either say KR Motors or Hyosung or Hankuk.  (Hankuk makes the relays for Hyosung in Korea)

So i hope a mechanic has had a quick look for you ?

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