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  1. The plugs are brand new I only put them in when I put everything back on the bike after the upgrades so only done about 5 miles, the original plugs were a chocolate colour when I removed them so that would indicate to me that everything else was ok as regards clearances, oil, stator and rectifier prior to reinstalling carb’s, coils, cap’s and plugs. Would you agree?
    If your plugs are new = address the intake and fueling system as i was saying above
    The coils & caps won’t be questioned, they are new or bike wouldn’t start.
    Make sure plug says CR8E on them.


  1. But I will check both stator and rectifier reading.
    Good idea, if electrics are all investigated, we won’t suspect them again and you might as well do it as part of a major service & “inspection”  to bike , testing the parts is inspecting (to check if they are still in OEM values after however long you have owned it because most owners understand hyo stators and regs are not great from 125 to 650, we all been there, but its good to keep an eye)

When you say check airboxes “both ofthem” what do you mean by both of them?
Both top engine box where it swallows carbs -> check clamps, and missing holes not covered (JUST INCASE you got rid of the EGR , go blank the missing hole to stop unwanted air being sucked in)
Check vac hoses and block any missing holes for EGR
Check the airbox that’s holding the filter on the right side of the bike.

Should I move the needles down to the fourth groove?
As far out of the carb as possible.  – Test run with that setting.
SAND paper the plugs until they are clear from black soot (gently!)
or find ways to clean  your plugs. Then look again after test run.

You also said the needles are not oem because they have more than three groove’s is that correct?
OEM is 3 grooves, i’ve cleaned a lot of these hyosung carbs  there is always 3.

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