Alan McLean
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Jul 21, 2020
Orihuela Spain
Aquila GV125

Have you ever felt you should never have something!!!

  1. The plugs are brand new I only put them in when I put everything back on the bike after the upgrades so only done about 5 miles, the original plugs were a chocolate colour when I removed them so that would indicate to me that everything else was ok as regards clearances, oil, stator and rectifier prior to reinstalling carb’s, coils, cap’s and plugs. Would you agree?
  2. But I will check both stator and rectifier reading.

When you say check airboxes “both ofthem” what do you mean by both of them?

Should I move the needles down to the fourth groove? You also said the needles are not oem because they have more than three groove’s is that correct?

Anyone want to buy a GV125 😄😄😄

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